Being a Fire Fighter is the world's most hazardous job, but to Fire Fighters it's not
 just a Job, it's their whole life. Everyday they put their lives on the line to protect the lives of others. They are men and women who are truly heroes in our time.
Their fire gear is often the only thing that protects them from the hazards they live, and work, in.

At the F.I.R.M. our goal is to keep that equipment in the best condition possible. We feel that we give back to Fire Fighters by taking special care in making sure that their fire gear is safe.

At The F.I.R.M., we work hard every day to protect the fire gear that protects you.

Our services currently cover Alberta and the Vancouver area.
As we continue to expand, we look forward to assisting you with 
your turn out gear inspection and cleaning needs.
Wherever your location. rest assured we will do our best to
provide you with the care and expertise that are our trademark: 
Working hard every day to protect the fire gear that protects you! - Canada Fire News

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